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Globally, almost 1 in 5 people do not have access to electricity; over 1 in 4 lack basic water services like taps and safe drinking water; and over 1 in 3 are without clean cooking facilities. Without access to energy, people remain trapped in a vicious circle of poverty.

Renewable World helps those in need by working with local partners to provide access to clean and sustainable energy. Communities are very much at the heart of the process of installing, managing and maintaining new renewable energy systems, so that they benefit fully. These energy systems can light homes and power businesses; pump water for drinking, sanitation and irrigation; and provide a clean fuel for cooking.

Access to renewable energy not only helps to drive improvements in the health, education and income of local people; it also reduces environmental damage. Since we began work in 2008, our programmes have transformed the lives of almost 40,000 people in Central America, East Africa, and South Asia.

Your fundraising will help us bring life-changing renewable energy to even more communities in need.

These solar panels pump clean water to Sirubari (photo credit: Kristin Lau)

Why join Renewable World's #TeamGreen? 

Our vision is a world where renewable energy is readily accessible to all, helping to end extreme poverty and reduce climate change. You can help make this happen by joining #TeamGreen.

Fundraising gives you the power to transform lives. By bringing clean and sustainable sources of energy to power-poor communities, you’ll be helping some of the world’s poorest people to lift themselves out of poverty—providing them with life-changing renewable energy to light homes, pump clean water and power small businesses.

As part of our team you’ll receive:

  • A complimentary Renewable World running t-shirt
  • A fundraising pack full of top tips, advice on training and how to reach your fundraising target
  • Extensive pre-race support from a dedicated member of staff
  • Any information about Renewable World that you may need to show sponsors the difference their money will make