Scottish Half Marathon Training Plans

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced runner, the following training plans have been put together to help you structure your training for the Scottish Half Marathon. Choose a plan below that best suits your ability:

8 Week Pre Training Plan

If you have not run for a long time, or would benefit from some extra training before starting your marathon training programme the above 8 week pre-training schedule will really help.

12 Week Beginners Training Plan

If you are a first time half marathon runner who has a few 10k’s under their belt, as you progress and see results, you will start to understand how you can tweak and change a schedule to fit in with your lifestyle. 

12 Week Intermediate Training Plan

If you have completed a half marathon or two, you will have discovered certain things that work well for you that can be used to adjust and adapt these plans. You will also probably have developed a network of running ’friends’ through work, family or a local running club or jogging group to draw on for advice and inspiration. 

12 Week Advanced Training Plan

For the senior improvers or ’advanced runners’. You will probably be used to following a schedule already and setting goals and targets. For many of you, the advice of experienced friends or the coach at your running club or jogging group will probably be offering additional advice to help you aim for the goal you have set yourself.